Clan Little Society

I am the Secretary/Treasurer of the Clan Little Society [click here], a group of people who are related to or otherwise interested in the ancient Clan Little of the Scottish Borders.

Lake Superior Freethinkers

I am the Secretary of the Lake Superior Freethinkers [click here], a group of people who cannot believe the teachings of religion anymore.

Death Cafe Duluth Superior

I co-host Death Café meetings [click here] with philosophy professor David Cole at the Duluth Public Library. This is a group of people who meet to discuss death: not a support group but a place to discuss one of the most important aspects of being alive.


I am a member of the Society of Philosophers in America [click here], a group of people who want to bring the discipline and open-mindedness of philosophy to discussions in the public sphere.

Public Speaking

I speak at academic conferences [click here] and other venues [click here] whenever invited. I am eager to explain whatever I know about topics that an audience wants to understand better.

Genealogy Research

I have done some research into my background and heritage [click here]. DNA analysis points to ancestors from the Dumfriesshire area of Southern Scotland. My grandfather came to North America from Northern Ireland in 1911.

Menden Hill

Here is some information on my home in Duluth, Minnesota [click here]. It is a four bedroom home built in 1994 on a half-acre lot next to a forest of mature trees.

Washburn Guitar

From time to time, I pick up the guitar to strum a tune and try to sing. My fingers and voice are out of practice, but there is more time to work on it now that I am retired.

Heather Flies the Plane

Since 2009, I have been raising a delightfully curious youngster. She is studying at the Duluth Edison Charter School [click here], where she is a student council representative, and learning about dramatic performance at the Duluth Playhouse [click here], our local community theater since 1914.

HChurch of Spiritual Humanism

Since 2004, I have been an Ordained Clergy Person of the Church of Spiritual Humanism [click here]. This is an organization formed in response to the religiously motivated attacks of Septemer 11, 2001.


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