U.S. Gun Rights

Here's a thought. Let's read the Second Amendment before we get all emotional and start exchanging slogans back and forth. Here is what it says and this is all it says.

"A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." The right to keep a musket must not be infringed, because THE STATE might have to call upon you to serve in a militia to protect IT (the free state). That's all it says.

People who disagree will say, "That's just YOUR interpretation!" And maybe I am being blinded by my own opinions and biases. But I literally cannot see any other meaning to the WORDs that are in front of me. I can't see where they suggest that we should stockpile weapons to protect ourselves FROM the free State. Or that we need AR-15s to hunt deer for dinner. Or that we should be able to shoot trespassers or burglars to death.

Everything else we have heard, or feel in our bellies, about what the Second Amendment means---and especially every Supreme Court "interpretation" to come down the pike---seems to have come from the fertile imagination of lobbyists: lobbyists for our international arms dealers, calling themselves the National Rifle Association.

They seem to be magic at doing whatever it takes to sell more and more stuff. They care little for how much hatred and discord it sews among our citizens, how much emotion is stirred up to completely overwhelm reasonable thought, or how many tiny children lie dead on the floors of our public schools. It's all just collateral damage in the sacred pursuit of endless profit.


© 2018, Jim Lyttle