Showband Days


Born at St. Joseph's Hospital in North Bay, Ontario (Canada) on September 20, 1952.  Grew up there and in Toronto and later in Rodney (about 60 kilometres West of London, Ontario).  Graduated from the West Elgin District High School, now known as West Elgin Secondary School (WESS).

During the 1970s, travelled back and forth across Canada in showbands playing guitar, singing, and arranging both music and vocals.  Put together 20 minute medley of Beatle songs, another of Beach Boys tunes, and another with the hits of the Four Seasons, along with a medley of TV theme songs.

During the 1980s, worked on the Telidon project under Patrick R. Anthony at Electrohome Electronics in Kitchener.  Served as Treasurer of the Electronic Technicians' Association.  Back to school for two university degrees (BA, MBA) while producing musical/vocal arrangements for Johnnie Johnston.

During the 1990s, was the Lighting Designer for York Centennial Theatre's summer productions at the Village Playhouse.  Served as the Treasurer of Toastmasters in downtown Toronto.  Taught two part-time courses at the DeVry Institute of Technology, awakening a passion for adult education.

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